Analysis of current practices in natural history museums’ in the interpretation of mammoths with implications for the Mayborn Museum Complex.

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For this thesis I gathered current practices in the interpretation of mammoths by sending a 14-question survey, distributed to U.S. natural history museums. My purpose for doing so was to inform my recommendations regarding future exhibit renovations at the Mayborn Museum Complex. I have recommended a three phase renovation plan for the museum, supported by the data collected. The first phase centers on the Mammoth Site exhibit, to be implemented immediately. The second phase encompasses a new exhibit in the former Extinction Hall, for in the near term. The third phase is for the future Natural History Hall, to be facilitated in the long-term. Specifically, I made recommendations regarding the types of interpretive methods that should be included in the exhibits and possible exhibit themes. Of the 12 methods of interpretation offered on the survey, five could be included in the future exhibit development of the Natural History Hall at the Mayborn Museum Complex. The five methods of interpretation that could be used are the articulated mammoth skeleton, individual fossils, replicas, images, and staff/ volunteer demonstrations.

Museum. Interpretation of mammoths. Exhibit renovations plan.