Orbit structures of homeomorphisms.




Sherman, Casey L.

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In this dissertation we answer the following question: If X is a Cantor set and T: X → to X is a homeomorphism, what possible orbit structures can T have? The answer is given in terms of the orbit spectrum of T. If X is a Cantor set, then there is a homeomorphism T : X → to X with σ(T) = (0, ζ, σ₁, σ₂, σ₃, …) if and only if one of the following holds:

  1. ζ = 0, there exists k ∈ N and a set {n₁ … ,nk} with σ _{n_i} > 0 for each 1 ≤ i ≤ k such that if σ _j > 0 then there exists i ∈ {1, 2, …, k} with n_i|j and there is an m ∈ N with σ _{mj} = c.
  2. 1 ≤ ζ < c, {n: σ_ n= c} is infinite, and ∑ σ_ n : σ_ {mn} < c { for all m∈N} ≤ ζ, or
  3. ζ = c.



Cantor set., Homeomorphism., Orbit structure., Inverse limit space., Dynamical systems., Universal compact metric space.


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