Street Dust : implications for stormwater and air quality, and management through street sweeping.




Calvillo, Steven J.

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Street dust represents a source of dual potential risk to stormwater and air quality. It has been well-documented that washing of this material to local watersheds can degrade water quality. Studies have also demonstrated that as much as 85% of ambient particulate matter (PM₁₀), exposure to which is associated with several health effects, can arise from resuspension of accumulated street dust. The objectives of this study were to: (1) Critically review the available literature regarding street dust and potential impacts on stormwater and air quality, (2) Develop an understanding of available street sweeping technologies and their relative efficacy, (3) Extrapolate the relative efficacy of multiple street sweeping technologies to the context of environmental/ecological and human health risk, and (4) Provide recommendations for future research studies.



Street cleaning., Stormwater., Storm water., Street sweeping., Human health., Air quality.