Exploring connections between college students' purpose and deliberate outdoor adventure activities.


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This phenomenological qualitative research study explores possible connections between traditional-age college students’ engagement in deliberate outdoor adventure activities and their understanding of their life purpose. Data collection methods include in-depth interviews and journal prompts of seven traditional-age college students and one graduate student from various postsecondary education institutions within the United States. A two-phase manual coding process used to analyze the data identified four major ways that participants found engaging in deliberate outdoor adventure activities influenced their understanding of their life purpose. Participants viewed engagement in these types of pursuits as: (1) a means for purpose reflection, (2) a medium to refine and hone skills and attitudes necessary for purpose fulfillment, (3) a way to motivate and re-energize for living purposefully, and (4) a foundational element of purpose. Limitations and implications for practice and future research are provided in the concluding chapters.



Purpose. Outdoor adventure.