Gravitational indications of subduction on Venus.


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While Venus lacks global plate tectonics, there has been evidence of localized subduction on Venus. The goal of this study is to observe and forward model the gravity gradients of a subducted slabs on Earth and Venus. Our modeled results are consistent with subduction in at least three locations on Venus: Artemis Corona, Quetzalpetlatl Corona, and Astkhik Plateau. We also have identified a trend at terrestrial and Venusian subduction zones of a higher geothermal gradient on the overriding plate side of the trench and a lower geothermal gradient on the outboard side. The modeled subducting slabs on Earth and Venus are found to be negatively buoyant. However, the Venus slabs tended to be slightly less negatively buoyant. We hope that these methods will be repeated for smaller corona once VERITAS’s gravity data has been recovered.