The forest : a history of ideas : the movement for civil rights in suburban Madison, New Jersey 1955-1970.

Gaither-Çyrs, E.
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The ideas emergent from the movement for civil rights in the American South transformed suburban Madison, New Jersey, and its nearby townships in the span of one generation. Protests burgeoned from the largely one-dimensional, cyclical indifference, insularism and apathy of Drew University undergraduates in the mid-to-late 1950s, to the variegated prism of social and political interests and involvement of students, administrators, public servants, small business owners and everyday citizens engaging the movement on different fronts, from the early-to-mid 1960s. By the latter half of the decade, Madison activists had prompted the New Jersey Supreme Court to ban the practice of double service standards in places of public accommodation and the disintegration of older organizational allegiances became imminent. New race conscious and political factions eventually emerged to engender a more diverse assembly of voices in concert with and counterpoint to one another than ever in the history of the local community.

Civil rights movement., Suburbia.