Effect of Multi-Sized Dust Distribution on Local Plasma Sheath Potentials



Sun, Meihong
Matthews, Lorin Swint.
Hyde, Truell Wayne.

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Advances in Space Research


This work investigates the modification of a plasma sheath in a complex plasma due to the presence of dust particles with a specified size distribution. A self-consistent model for the plasma sheath is combined with a self-consistent dynamical code in order to determine the interaction of the dust particles with the local sheath potential and the subsequent effect on the dynamics of the particles. It is shown that the ion density in the region of levitated particles is decreased. The sheath potential in the region of levitated dust particles is also more negative which is qualitatively consistent with the experimental results of Arnas et al. [Arnas, C., Mikikian, M., Bachet, G., Doveil, F. Sheath modification in the presence of dust particles. Phys. Plasmas 7(11), 4418–4422, 2000.].




Advances in Space Research, 38(11), 2575-2580, 2006