The ISCAS85 Benchmarks in FHDL Format



Maurer, Peter M.

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The three files that constitute this tech report are,, and The first file contains the 10 ISCAS85 benchmarks in FHDL format, plus the smoke-test circuit in FHDL format. The second file contains 10 vector files, one for each of the 10 benchmark circuits. Each vector file contains 500,000 input vectors. Each vector is terminated by an end-of-line character, and within each vector, the input values are separated by commas. The final file contains the generators used to generate the random vectors. They are given in two formats, DGL, and C. The C files were generated by the DGL compiler. Once the C files are compiled, they will generate random vectors on stdout. The starting point is the same, but a seed file is written to permit successive calls to produce different outputs. The default number of vectors is 100. Invoke the command with a numeric argument to generate a different number of vectors.



Benchmarks, Combinational Benchmarks, Digital Simulation