Turbulent flow characteristics over realistic ice roughness on simulated NACA 0012 airfoils.


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Ice accretion codes are integral to the design of aircraft that function safely during adverse weather conditions. Improvements to these codes are possible by characterizing the skin friction caused by ice roughness along airfoils more accurately. Previous studies at Baylor University have explored convective enhancements caused by ice roughness over a flat plat under accelerated and non-accelerated conditions. This paper is a detailed investigation of skin friction coefficients and turbulence characteristics of flow over realistic ice roughness in an accelerated flow. A foam ceiling insert installed on the wind tunnel ceiling was used in tandem with 3-D printed realistic ice roughness to characterize skin friction coefficients along simulated NACA 0012 airfoils. The upstream velocity was changed to scale the flow conditions to different airfoil chord sizes.



Icing roughness. Turbulent flow. Reynolds stress. Inner variables. Skin friction.