Sunshower : a symphonic poem for wind ensemble.

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Composed in the programmatic spirit of standard wind ensemble works such as H. Owen Reed’s La Fiesta Mexicana, Winds of Nagual by Michael Colgrass, and Alfred Reed’s Armenian Dances, Sunshower is an exploration in sonoristic composition and a tribute to the classic wind ensemble. Utilizing a large ensemble, this four-movement symphonic poem was begun in June of 2016 and was completed in February of 2017. With the intention of creating the aural and sensational atmosphere of a sun-shower, my ultimate goal was to share a work that is both programmatic in its connection to the listeners, and depicts a unique, modern, and human experience. By establishing an aural connection between the wind ensemble and this fascinating weather pattern, the music is able to unify audience members in an acoustic environment, allow them to embrace new sensations of expression, and demonstrate the textural possibilities within the world of wind ensemble composition.

Composition. Sonorism. Wind Ensemble. Symphonic poem band. Sunshower.