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Neel, Benjamin

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Clearly, Inc. connects healthcare providers and insurers to provide prompt and accurate medical cost estimates to patients. By using Clearly’s estimation software, healthcare providers can reduce estimate generation time, increase estimation accuracy, and redirect financial assistance labor. By providing timely cost estimates Clearly aims to relieve the stress of seeking medical care, ultimately representing Christ through both end products and daily operations. Clearly operates on a software as a service fee structure, charging healthcare providers a monthly fee for its estimation media. Based on financial projections supported by various primary and secondary sources, Clearly will be cashflow positive in month 30 with run rate monthly cash flow of ~$64,000 at the end of year three. Clearly will need $235,000 of capital over the course of two fundraising rounds to achieve this growth, representing a 100%+ internal rate of return for investors based on a 4x sales multiple.



Entrepreneurship., Healthcare pricing. Entrepreneurship.