Vocation/calling as a framework for Christian character formation in college students.




DeVries, Bryan Joseph.

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This project examined the use of a Christian understanding of vocation/calling with first-year college students to discover how it contributed to their formation in Christian character. Over the course of a sixteen-week semester, a test group of students was taught a theological construct of vocation/calling and explored its implications for their lives, especially as it relates to higher education, work, and their relationships to God, others, and broader creation. A voluntary control group was utilized as well, which was formed by students taking a different course that focused on major exploration without the use of a vocation/calling framework. A pre-intervention survey served as a baseline assessment to discern students’ initial perceptions of vocation/calling and its impacts in their lives. At the conclusion of the semester, a similar post-intervention survey, supplemented by a long-form interview, was administered to gauge the impact of the vocation/calling curriculum on the test group in comparison to the control group. The purpose of this project was to equip college students with a more holistic perspective on the purpose and meaning of their lives and thereby lead to the development of character consistent with the Christian faith.



Vocation., Calling., Christianity., Work., Higher Education., College Students., Virtue., Character Formation.