Unique fragmentation of pentafluorobenzylic alcohols and the use of modified injection port liners in the gas chromatographic-based screening for catalytic activity.




Fisher, Henry C.

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An unprecedented reaction, the base-catalyzed fragmentation of pentafluorobenzylic alcohols, was investigated. Studies on a variety of C6F5-derived alcohols show that a dual reaction pathway occurs in mixed solvent systems such as DMSO and methanol. 19F NMR and GC-MS analyses have been used to examine the mechanism of the fragmenation. Other reaction variables, which involved changing the base and/or solvent conditions, have been studied to determine their effect on fragmentation. The relative rates of reactivity of a variety of pentafluorobenzylic alcohols were determined. A new technique to screen metal catalysts rapidly via GC-MS using modified injection port liners has been developed. A variety of interesting reactions of organic molecules catalyzed by metal salts in the gas phase have been discovered. This technique has also been applied to the fragmentation reactions above.


Includes bibliographical references (p. 148-149).


Chemistry, Organic.