Associations Among Multicultural Personality and Health-Related Quality of Life in a University Student Population




Mendez, Priscilla

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The purpose of this thesis was to assess the associations among multicultural personality and health-related quality of life in a university student population. As university campuses throughout the United States become increasingly diverse, it is essential to elucidate potential facets of multicultural personality that may serve as protective factors for better HRQOL in university students. Data was collected on 264 undergraduate students. Participants completed the Cultural Empathy and Social Initiative subscales of the Multicultural Personality Questionnaire. They also completed the PedsQL 4.0 Generic Core Scales Young Adult Version. Findings indicated that greater cultural empathy was significantly associated with better physical and social functioning. Social initiative was significantly associated with social and emotional functioning. These data suggest that greater levels of multicultural personality may be associated with better physical and psychosocial outcomes in university students. Further longitudinal research is needed to assess the causal nature of these constructs.



Multicultural Personality., Health-Related Quality of Life., Cultural Empathy., Social Initiative., University students., Diversity., Functioning.