Resident perceptions of management issues in the Red River Gorge: a qualitative assesment.




Hutson, Kathleen Adams.

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Management of protected areas is oftentimes a difficult process, particularly when stakeholder groups with different agendas are impacted by decisions regarding use of the resource. The Red River Gorge area in eastern Kentucky has struggled over the past few decades as residents, visitors and managers of the region work to define how the area should most effectively be managed under the guidance of the Multiple Use Sustained Yield Act. Specific objectives of the study include the following: • to explore the nature of relationships between hosts and guests in the Red River Gorge • to identify any impacts of the National Wild and Scenic River designation • to determine resident preferences for future development of Red River Gorge • to determine residents feelings about current management of Red River Gorge, and • to offer a set of recommendations for managing agencies addressing the current needs of residents.


Includes bibliographical references (p. 112-114).


Red River Gorge (Ky.), Regional planning --- Kentucky.