Rural/urban health disparity of the oldest old in China.


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China is the fastest aging country in the post-industrial world. The oldest old, aged 80 and above, in China are an extremely selective group, as they are the survivors of brutal historical events which decimated the birth cohorts of many millions. Meanwhile, the oldest old consume the most extensive and costly health-care resources. Thus, studying the oldest old population in China is valuable for longevity research as well as the public health policy. Using the most recent two waves of data from Chinese Longitudinal Healthy Longevity Survey, this dissertation focuses on the rural/urban health divide of the oldest old population, by looking at 1) the rural/urban disparities across multiple health and wellbeing measurements; 2) the potential mediating role of an individual’s socioeconomic status; and 3) the different relationships between community service and health in rural and urban areas. Results from these analyses will allow researchers and policy makers to better understand the complexity of the rural/urban health disparity among the oldest old in China.



The oldest old. Rural/urban health disparity. Successful aging.