The Hippocratics in Context: The Ethical Formation of the Hippocratic Physician




Lloyd, Joseph

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The Hippocratic Oath is widely known today as something that medical students say at their graduation ceremony as they are about to go out into the world and begin their practice of medicine. This long-standing tradition goes back centuries, and begs the question of why this is done? Who was Hippocrates, and what did he and the physicians he taught use the Hippocratic Oath for? In order to answer this question, one must have an understanding of several things about ancient Greece: the history of education in ancient Greece, communities of physicians contemporary with Hippocrates, the Hippocratic Corpus, and Hippocrates himself. In this thesis I provide this context in order to elucidate how the Hippocratic Oath was used in the education of Hippocratic physicians in fifth century BCE Greece.



Classics, Hippocrates, Ancient Medicine, Ethics