A microwave radiometer system for use in biomedical applications.




Ballew, Laura R.

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The biomedical industry is a rapidly growing sector and demands are increasing for the production of safe and noninvasive technologies. With the current surge of diabetes, a very desirable application for these technologies is a non-invasive monitor for blood glucose level. Recently, microwave sensing has offered hope for safer diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. One specific sensing technique involves a microwave radiometer, which provides a purely passive measurement of naturally emitted electromagnetic radiation from material objects. A highly sensitive receiver, the radiometer can detect radiation for the purpose of obtaining useful information about a particular object, thus providing a safe tool for the biomedical industry. This thesis outlines the microwave properties of radiometry and presents the design of a microwave radiometer aimed at biomedical applications. Experimental results demonstrate the applicability and repeatability of the device, as well as its performance as a biomedical sensor.


Includes bibliographical references (p. 65-67).


Radiometers -- Design and construction., Microwave detectors -- Design and construction., Biosensors -- Design and construction., Blood sugar -- Measurement., Glucose -- Measurement.