Opening the door : a director’s approach to Ingmar Bergman’s Nora.


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In 1981, Swedish filmmaker Ingmar Bergman radically adapted Henrik Ibsen’s classic stageplay A Doll’s House in order to create his own theatrical work, Nora. Through cutting much of Ibsen’s text and many of his characters, Bergman focused his adaptation on the figure of Nora Helmer, a naïve 19th-century wife and mother desperately trying to avoid the consequences of her past actions. This thesis examines the process undertaken in bringing Bergman’s play to its November 2015 performance run at Baylor University, with explorations of playwright and playscript histories, of directorial analysis and production concepts, and the creative collaborations established between director, designers, and actors.



Ingmar Bergman. Henrik Ibsen. Baylor, Nora. Theatre.