Implementing multiple schedules after functional communication training in natural settings with natural change agents and natural stimuli.


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Individuals with autism spectrum disorder are much more likely to engage in challenging behavior than their typically developing peers. Challenging behavior is not only problematic for the individual, but also the key people in their life, such as their caregivers. Functional communication training is an effective intervention to decrease challenging behavior and increase communication skills. However, the intervention is difficult to implement in natural settings where reinforcers may not always be available. There is a significant amount of research on techniques to thin the schedule of reinforcement, but the majority of those study are done in clinical environments with therapist-arranged stimuli. The current study investigates implementing multiple schedules in the home setting via telehealth. In this study, we plan to fade the therapist-arranged stimuli to naturally occurring stimuli. FCT has been effective in reducing our participant’s challenging behavior. We are currently preparing to fade the therapist-arranged stimuli. Data collection is still ongoing.



Functional communication training. Schedule thinning. Challenging behavior.