Excited to share : a process for energizing the practice of evangelism through Evangelism Sodalities.




Chandler, C. Ross.

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Today’s church needs a process of evangelism that will energize its faithful practice. The purpose of this research project was to discover what effect an “Evangelism Sodality” intervention would have in helping Christians to be more faithful in practicing evangelism in their daily lives. A sodality, derived from the Latin word sodalitas meaning companionship, is a fellowship of people who come together in unity for a shared purpose. The intervention was based on research gathered from a ten-week “Evangelism Sodality.” Seven participants will partake in a ten-week study discussing the “Excited to Share” curriculum, praying for the filling of the Holy Spirit, and practicing evangelism in their daily lives. Using qualitative research methodology, the effectiveness of this “Evangelism Sodality” will be tested to determine if it resulted in a more faithful practice of evangelism in the participants’ lives. The data will be collected from interviews before and after the ten-week “Evangelism Sodality.” This project is based on biblical and theological foundations. The project’s effects upon the participant’s faithful practice of evangelism was immensely positive. The data demonstrated that the participants in the experimental group were energized in their practice of evangelism with five out of seven participants experiencing significant transformation. Conclusive evidence demonstrates a need to expand the length of the project for the local church.



Evangelism Sodalities., Excited to Share curriculum., Practice of evangelism., Evangelism in the biblical narrative.