The Inversion Algorithm for Digital Simulation



Maurer, Peter M.

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The Inversion Algorithm is an event-driven algorithm, whose performance rivals or exceeds that of Levelized Compiled code simulation, even at activity rates of 50% or more. The Inversion Algorithm has several unique features, the most remarkable of which is the size of the run-time code. The basic Algorithm can be implemented using no more than a page of run-time code, although in practice it is more efficient to provide several different variations of the basic algorithm. The run-time code is independent of the circuit under test, so the algorithm can be implemented either as a compiled code or an interpreted simulator with little variation in performance. Because of the small size of the run-time code, the run-time portions of the Inversion Algorithm can be implemented in assembly language for peak efficiency, and still be retargeted for new platforms with little effort.



Differential Simulation, Digital Simulation, Inversion Algorithm