Tools to manage misinformation : measuring the utility of an Internet Bill of Rights and correcting terms and conditions agreements.


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The Internet fuels more societal and technological advancement than ever before in humanity’s existence. Its birth brought simple data transfers between two entities, yet now it spans the world connecting people almost instantly. Entertaining any thought of regulation for this system to diminish current harms on the Internet is quickly met with outright rejection for fear of governmental bodies deluding the public to then usher in the destruction of free society. On the other end, lawlessness breeds anarchy when bad actors are not punished. Using the Internet today entails a bombardment of messages and manipulative means to garner attention, and we, in the United States, tolerate this. We refuse to even dream of a better system out of fear. Misinformation led to the insurrection of the U.S. capitol, almost destroying our peaceful transfer of power, perhaps the most sacred facet of our government. We must imagine a better Internet.