Developing a geospatial model for analysis of a dynamic, heterogeneous aquifer : the Brazos River Alluvium aquifer, Central Texas.




Wong, Stephanie S., 1984-

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The Brazos River Alluvium aquifer extends from Bosque County to Fort Bend County and is one of 21 minor aquifers in Texas. In the past, this aquifer has mainly served as a source of irrigation water. However, increasing demands for water, especially in the Waco area, has renewed interest in this under-utilized source of shallow groundwater. Shallow, unconfined aquifers such as the Brazos River Alluvium aquifer present unique management challenges due to their lithologic heterogeneity, fluctuating saturated thickness, and proximity to surface sources of contamination. In this study, a geospatial approach was used to compile and analyze various datasets to model aquifer thickness and available water in the northern reach of the Brazos River Alluvium aquifer.



Aquifer., Brazos River Alluvium., Geospatial., Groundwater., Geographic information system.