Maurer, Peter M.

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This software package can be used to create the FHDL library file. This library allows one to use the FHDL parser and simulator software in your own projects. The package can be compiled either under Linux (i.e. gcc) or under Visual C++. A Makefile is provided for Linux compilation, and Visual C++ project files (Version 8) are provided for compilation under Visual C++. Compilation under Visual C++ requires special compilation steps to be inserted for the .yacc, .lex and .data (mkwhat) files. This software package requires prior installation of the Mkwhat package, also available on this site. In addition, the open source packages yacc (byacc), flex, and gcc must be installed. The gcc package may be omitted if you don’t use the output generation routines of the connlib package. However, the output of these routines is targeted for gcc. (It may work under other compilers but has not been so tested.) The library has two different names depending on whether it has been compiled under Linux or Visual C++. The Visual C++ name is “connlib.lib” while the Linux name is “libconn.a”.



Digital simulation, Hardware Design Language