Education as Intervention: A Critical Examination of Drug Prevention Programs in U.S. Schools




Hardin, Lauren

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This thesis explores the effectiveness of drug prevention programs in US schools, analyzing their outcomes and identifying successful and unsuccessful elements. Through a thorough examination of existing literature and empirical studies, this research consolidates our current knowledge of drug prevention efforts in educational settings. It looks at different types of programs and how they're delivered, focusing on their impact on reducing substance use. Additionally, it considers contextual factors like socio-economic status, cultural diversity, and community support that affect program effectiveness. The findings stress the importance of evidence-based approaches, integrating prevention into the curriculum, and maintaining consistency in program implementation for success. Furthermore, it highlights the drawbacks of certain strategies, such as scare tactics and short-term interventions, and advocates for tailored, age-appropriate interventions. By identifying effective practices and areas for improvement, this study aims to enhance drug prevention efforts in US schools.



Drug Prevention Programs.