Encrypting the universe.


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Layer one N = 4 SUSY Weakly Coupled Free Fermionic Heterotic String (WCFFHS) Models that include string-scale massive gauge sectors are statistically investigated for even orders through 12 for uniqueness and gauge content. A focus is given to models containing the standard model or gauge group content with the embedded standard model. Results are compared with those of prior searches of N = 4 models without explicit string-scale massive gauge sectors. This search revealed models with standard model gauge content at the string scale, which were not observed in prior searches. Additionally, research regarding an image encryption algorithm is presented. The RGB values of each pixel in an image are encrypted using three intertwined Mandelbrot summations. Runtimes for decryption depend primarily on the size of the image. Modifications to increase complexity and runtime are explored. Advantages include adaptability, reasonable runtime on a typical personal computer and that it is novel, enhancing its security.



String theory. String. Programming. Landscape. String model. Free fermionic. Gauge model. Gauge groups. Supersymmetry. Encryption. Cryptography. Decryption. Mandelbrot. Mandelbrot summation. Image.