Equipping believers to confidently initiate gospel conversations by using storytelling as an evangelistic tool.




Adams, Nathan R.

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The purpose of this project was to discover what effect a greater engagement with storytelling might have on helping Christians become more confident and motivated in the practice of evangelism. The six-week intervention included nine participants within a local church who were instructed on the biblical foundation of storytelling being used as an evangelistic tool and were given opportunities to practice sharing stories with others that might help them initiate gospel conversations. In order to measure the effectiveness of the project, a post-intervention qualitative interview was conducted, transcribed, and analyzed in addition to the pre-intervention and post-intervention quantitative and qualitative surveys which were provided to this experimental group as well as to a control group who were exempt from the training. Observational notes from discussions in the training and personal conversations were also used to evaluate the success of the intervention.



Evangelism., Storytelling., Gospel conversations.