Diamonds and denim : a case study of large-scale western art exhibitions and sales as museum fundraising opportunities.

Perez, Lauren A.
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This project will discuss the varying styles and similarities of large-scale exhibitions and sales within museums specializing in the art of the American West, primarily focused on the Western Artists of America Show and Sale at the Pearce Museum in Corsicana, Texas. Many museums fundraise for a distinct purpose and Western Art museums are distinct in many ways. Surveys were conducted among Western Art museums that were known to have held and supported events and sales as focused in this study. They were then evaluated and discussed in the study. The Western Artists of America Show and Sale at the Pearce Museum was then discussed from a first-hand point of view and then discussed in the larger framework of these particular shows in an effort to understand how they are conducted and how such events can be replicated in other Western Art museums who may have not taken the leap to establish one. Western Art by nature is attractive to many, and is thus a perfect opportunity for themed fundraising and community involvement.

Development., Fundraising., Museums., Exhibitions., Western art.