Designing incentives in P2P systems.




Berciu, Radu Mihai.

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The goal of this thesis is bringing closer together the game theoretic approach of creating incentives with the requirements and properties of P2P systems. Briefly, we detail the P2P system context that incentive mechanisms must address, focusing on the main properties (e.g., the existence of cheap identities), types of transacted goods, common goals (e.g., maximize utilization, robustness to rational manipulations) and common problems (e.g., easy-riding) of such systems; we define the design space for P2P incentive mechanisms through the first taxonomy for such mechanisms and examine the main classes; we analyze in-depth how known incentive mechanisms achieve their goals, from both a P2P systems and a game theory perspectives using BitTorrent and mechanism design models; we bundle our prescriptions into a framework for designing P2P incentive mechanisms, and we use it to create an incentive mechanism for a BitTorrent-like system.



Peer-to-peer architecture (Computer networks), Game theory -- computer programs.