Land acquisition in Coryell County, Texas, for the formation of Camp Hood, 1942-45 : a civilian perspective.


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This thesis examines the acquisition of land in Coryell County, Texas, for the formation of Camp Hood during the years 1942 through 1945. It focuses on the effects that event produced on property owners who surrendered land to the United States government for the building of what eventually became the free world's largest military installation. This work deals with the perspective of the affected landowners. The Preface considers original source materials used in preparation of the study. Problems related to the availability or the lack of resources are also discussed. Chapter 1 treats the United States government's right to acquire land under the power of eminent domain. The historical foundation of the principle of eminent domain is discussed, as are the particular methods of application of the policy with regard to the Camp Hood acquisition. Chapter 2 deals with the experiences of individual landowners who sold their property to the United States government for the military training center. It presents arguments in support of the thesis that the government moved hastily to displace residents without providing them with adequate and timely compensation for their property. Chapter 3 provides a statistical analysis of the acreage sold, the compensation paid, and average prices yielded by the land transactions. A detailed index of the grantors’ names is included as well as an index for the principal defendants in the condemnation suits studied for the project.



Land acquisition. Eminent domain. Coryell County. Camp Hood. Landowners.