An experimental investigation of round and racetrack shaped jets for leading edge region cooling of gas turbine blades.




Harmon, Weston V.

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Jet impingement is often utilized in the leading edge of actively cooled turbine airfoils to protect the blades from the extreme heat loads encountered within the engine. This thesis will discuss two experimental investigations that employ a traditional, steady state, copper plate technique to obtain regionally averaged Nusselt numbers on a concave surface, which models the leading edge of a turbine blade. The first experiment will investigate the effect of jet shape, orifice edge condition, jet-to-jet spacing, and relative jet length. The effect of inlet supply condition will also be investigated by implementing a radial bypass. The second experiment investigates the effect of rotation on both round and racetrack shaped impinging jets. Results show that racetrack shaped jets generally outperform circular jets both in a stationary test section, and under rotating conditions. Further, the effects of non-square edge conditions and radial bypass prove to be detrimental to heat transfer.



Impingement cooling., Gas turbine cooling., Rotating impingement.