The Waco lynching of 1916 : perspective and analysis.



Smith, Rogers Melton

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Many lynchings have occurred in the United States. It is the purpose of this study to isolate one incident and compare its characteristics to other lynchings in Waco and to lynchings across the country. Though all lynchings have certain common strains, all vary in some respects. The factors which enter into acts of mob violence help in understanding the racial, political, economic, and social attitudes which have existed in America. In investigating a particular lynching, insight is given to the larger picture of racial attitudes sections of the country. Reaction on the national level exemplifies the anti-lynch stand of the Negroes and many northern whites. However, local reaction shows a more emotional attachment to the circumstances surrounding the incident. While centering the study on one lynching, other Waco lynchings are discussed to give perspective and further understanding to the attitudes of the citizenry.



Lynching., Waco, Texas., Racism.