Structural analysis of the Criner Hills, South-Central Oklahoma.




Walker, William M.

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It has been suggested that there may have been Quaternary displacement along the Criner Hills Fault in South-Central Oklahoma. The Criner Hills Fault is generally on-trend with the active Meers Fault, which has led some to suggest that the Criner Hills Fault may also be active. A GIS database has been created that combines aerial photographs, satellite imagery, published geologic maps, and digital elevation models of the area around the surface trace of the Criner Hills Fault. Subsurface data from ~150 hydrocarbon exploration and production wells were used with the surface data to construct a 3D structural model of the study area, assisted by the structural modeling application LithoTect. The Kirby Fault is interpreted to be a major reverse fault that controls the topography and structure of the Criner Hills. The Criner Hills Fault is interpreted to be an inactive, secondary structure related to the Kirby Fault.


Includes bibliographical references (p. 62-64).


Criner Hills (Okla.)., Geology --- Oklahoma.