The Process of Healing in Multiple Sclerosis: The Role and Experiences of the Patient, Physician, Family and Peers

Cameron, Kyrie
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Patients who suffer from multiple sclerosis are faced with the reality that this disease, which causes such tremendous physical and emotional distress, simply cannot be cured. Though medical researchers have not yet been able to find a cure, multiple sclerosis patients may certainly experience healing during their struggle. To cure one from disease is a permanent eradication of all physical symptoms that the body experiences, whereas healing is the retaining of a sense of personal integrity and self-worth in spite of the physical manifestations of illness. Healing is experienced by the patient, but is also an experience in which the physician, family members and peers play significant roles. In cases of incurable disease, such as multiple sclerosis, it is important that every patient is provided with an opportunity for healing. In order for each patient to have this chance, it is beneficial for each of the individuals involved in the healing process to recognize those practices and attitudes that contribute to healing.