Museum methods : creating a useable database for the experiential education objects of the CASPER Physics Circus.




Patterson, Scott D. (Scott Donahue)

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The CASPER Physics Circus at Baylor University seeks to improve the local school system by presenting the science of physics in an understanding and engaging way, often through the use of objects which demonstrate scientific principles. In the past, those objects have been put away into storage after the Physics Circus is completed for the year often with no record of their condition or use. This project outlines the creation of a collections database of objects for the experiential education program of the Physics Circus. The database was developed using FileMaker Pro software. This allows for cross-platform use for individuals who will use and maintain the database in the future. This project also outlines important steps taken in its development which may be looked to for similar projects that could be designed by other organizations or groups.



Museum studies., Physics.