The overlooked influence of competency within advising and supporting upon competency within leadership in student affairs.


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This study aims to provide a framework for understanding the development of student affairs professionals’ self-perception of leadership competency through the improvement of advising and supporting competencies. The model set forth in this study provides a framework for understanding the relationship between student affairs professionals’ perceptions of their organizational and human resource, advising and supporting, personal and ethical foundations competencies, and examines their relationship to self-perceived leadership competencies. Analysis of data collected revealed a strong relationship between advising and supporting and leadership. Additional analyses indicated the significant relationship of personal and ethical foundations on organizational and human resources and advising and supporting. Additionally, analyses showed a positive relationship between organizational and human resources and advising and supporting competencies. Further research is needed to explore the implications of these findings and the additional relationships between competency areas of student affairs professionals.



Professional competencies. Student affairs. ACPA. NASPA. Personal foundations. Ethical foundations. Organizational resources. Human resources. Advising. Supporting. Leadership.