The History of the World: Or, Dewayne Boyce, As I Recall




Hunt, Helena

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This creative nonfiction thesis is composed of a set of personal essays that reflect on the author’s relationship with her family, primarily her mother and grandfather. It shows, through an often fragmented and lyrical style, the inheritance they give to and receive from one another, beginning with the traditions of storytelling and deception that are embedded in the text itself. The collection triangulates certain themes and preoccupations, leaving and later returning to the same ideas, people, and occurrences to find new insights and reflections. They are meant to echo an individual’s reflection on his or her own life and family past, as one returns to familiar images again and again and recreates what one cannot remember. By the end of this collection, some hope is offered from the repeated cycle of family addiction and manipulation, though that salvation is only found in the same familiar patterns of behavior.



Creative Non-fiction., Personal Essays., Family issues., Memoir