Algorithms for fast power amplifier load impedance and input power optimization using the Power Smith Tube.


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The increasing number of devices occupying the finite wireless broadband spectrum has led to serious concerns regarding spectral congestion. To facilitate radar and communication spectral coexistence, reconfigurable, adaptive amplifiers are expected to be a critical component in future cognitive radar transmitters. This work details a method to visualize and simultaneously optimize the load reflection coefficient and input power of a power amplifier device in order to achieve the highest possible efficiency while meeting a predefined spectral spreading constraint. The proposed vector-based search utilizes gradients as well as momentum in the Power Smith Tube in order to optimize accurately with as few experimental queries as possible. This method is proven to be feasible in higher dimensions, allowing for future implementation in real-time reconfigurable power amplifiers.



Power amplifier. Load impedance. Input power. Optimization. Real-time. Algorithm. Reconfigurable.