An evaluation of the relationships between core stability, core strength, and running economy.




Gandy, Nicole J.

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Few studies have examined the relationship between core strength and core stability and running economy. Purpose: To evaluate the relationships between core strength, core stability, kinematic variables and running economy. Methodology: Twenty-three men (N = 7) and women (N = 16) participated. Over the course of four sessions subjects completed core strength and stability testing, a maximal aerobic capacity running test, and three tests for running economy. Results: There was no significant (P > 0.05) relationship between core strength and running economy. Three of the core stability tests were significantly related to oxygen consumption at each of the running intensities however, these relationships were moderate and positive in nature. Several kinematic variables were moderately related to core stability and strength, but did not show a significant relationship with running economy. Conclusions: These findings suggest a higher core performances did not relate to better running economy values.


Includes bibliographical references (p. 79-82).


Physical education and training., Running -- Training.