Long-term effects of a summer enrichment program on low-income gifted students.

Kaul, Corina R., 1969-
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"Overlooked gems" is the term used in gifted education to describe high potential low-income students who are unable to excel because of significant barriers in their homes, environments, and educational systems, thus depriving America of a valuable resource. To address this issue, this study used a survey to measure longitudinal effects on low-income, gifted students who participated in a summer enrichment program for three or more years. The results showed positive social, emotional, motivational, academic, career, and generational effects. These findings expand knowledge relating to long-term effects of summer gifted enrichment programs, identifying those perceived as most beneficial and offers insight into multi-generational effects. The survey for this study, which is based on Lee, Olszewski-Kubilius, and Peternel's (2009) Model of Influences and Effects in Special Programs for Minority Gifted Students, aids practitioners and researchers in analyzing other programs and their effects on low-income students.

Low-income gifted., Project Promise, Talent development., Mentors., Generational effects., Program effectiveness., Models., Enrichment., Summer programming., Longitudinal effects., Educational achievement., Low-income students., Gifted children - family., Academic achievement.