Race, religion, and homosexuality: Black Protestants and homosexual acceptance.




Lewis-Williams, Jeniece T.

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This paper explores the relationship between race, religion, and acceptance of homosexuality. Many question the disapproval of African Americans in the homosexual fight for gay rights, especially considering their activity in the civil rights movement (Douglas and Hopson, 2001). Here I look at the empirical relationship between race and religion, and how that relationship influences support of homosexuality. It is hypothesized Black Protestants will be less likely than all other religious groups to approve of homosexuality, and that this effect will be even greater for more religious African Americans. Using 2004 General Social Survey data, I find that Black Protestants do have a strong level of disapproval of homosexuality and that there is an interaction between more religious Black Protestants and their disapproval of homosexuality.


Includes bibliographical references (p. 23-25).


Homosexuality -- Religious aspects -- Christianity., African Americans -- Religion., Gays -- Religious life --- United States.