Understanding the Body Image Issues among Cancer Patients: Developing Intervention Strategies




Goyal, Simar

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The goal of this thesis is to understand body image distress surrounding cancer patients and find ways to enhance their self-image and quality of life. Changes in cancer patients' appearance contribute to altered body image, feelings of rejection, and conditions such as anxiety and depression. In addition, patients experience shame, embarrassment, and guilt related to intense and sometimes rapid body changes. Addressing body image problems is essential to improving their quality of life. I conducted a literature review involving studies related to breast, head and neck, stomach, and skin cancer patients' body image. The primary conclusion of the thesis is that cancer patients’ subjective assessments of their bodies and the effects of their treatment are more relevant than the perspectives of others. The paper advocates for health-promoting interventions such as physical activity programs that can decrease morbidity and early mortality. In addition, fashion-oriented consumption can be considered as a strategic endeavor to manage mood and reduce negative feelings due to physical changes.



Body Image., Cancer., Retail Therapy., Hair Loss., Scarring., Quality of Life., Self-Image., Cancer Treatment.