Refugee Education in America: Assessing the System, Identifying Issues, and Suggesting Solutions




Lanier, Sarah

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This thesis analyzes refugee education in the United States with a specific focus on K-12 education, identifying the largest barriers to education for refugees and suggesting solutions to best address these issues. By analyzing the specific pieces of legislation created to improve refugee education, it becomes evident that there is a gap between the policies created and the policies necessary to help refugees integrate into the U.S. education system. Moreover, by analyzing the successful education policies in place in Sweden and the Netherlands, two countries that successfully integrate refugees with decentralized education systems similar to the United States, possible solutions to the largest issues identified within the U.S. can be found. If implemented, these solutions could strengthen refugee education, helping refugees better integrate into the United States.



Refugee., Refugee education., United States refugee education policy., Refugee education in Sweden., Refugee education in the Netherlands., Refugee integration.