Caffeine's Origin, Chemistry, and Systemic Effects




Gilbert, Stephanie

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This thesis examines the structure of caffeine: its chemistry, its mechanisms of action in the body, and ultimately, how that plays into its impact on the oral cavity. The opening chapter serves as an introduction, providing a historical account of coffee and a discussion of its chemical components, creating a foundation for the paper to highlight its well-known component: caffeine. In the second chapter, caffeine’s impact on glucose metabolism and Type 2 Diabetes is addressed. The third chapter investigates caffeine’s effects on cognitive performance, alertness, and its mode of action in the brain, and the fourth chapter analyzes the association of caffeine intake and the development of periodontal disease. Finally, the fifth chapter will discuss caffeine’s role in dental staining. This research serves to educate readers on caffeine’s impacts on metabolism, psyche, and dentition.



Chemistry, Biochemistry