How does the Diagnosis of Juvenile Asthma Influence the Risk of COPD Development Later in Life?




Qu, Larry

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There are currently 5 million children in the United States under the age of 18 with an asthma diagnosis, which accounts for 7 percent of the child population. Asthma is a major risk factor for developing COPD, which is prevalent in 16.4 million adults in the U.S., or 6.6 percent of the adult population. While the causes of COPD are well known, preventative measures are less studied. The present study aims to better understand the correlation between asthma and COPD through survey-based data by determining the influence of juvenile asthma diagnosis, fitness level, smoking, and youth sports participation. The survey was completed by adults over the age of 40. It drew from four standardized questionnaires: the Asthma Control Questionnaire, the Adult Physical Activity Questions on the National Health Interview Survey, the Global Adult Tobacco Survey, and the Baecke Questionnaire. The results of the survey found positive significant correlation between playing youth competitive sports and not smoking as an adult indicating that playing competitive sports as an adolescent might discourage people from smoking in the future.



Asthma, COPD, competitive sports, smoking