Improving the Use of Mothers Own Milk in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for Low-Birth-Weight Infants




Perez, Patricia Yvonne

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The purpose of this Evidenced Based Project (EBP) is to address the use of MOM for low-birth-weight infants weighing 2500 grams or less at birth admitted to a Level 3 NICU. Currently, there is a disconnect between what feeding is ordered and what is available to feed the infant. The unavailability of MOM leads to a delay in initiation of feedings, or other options, including donor breastmilk or preterm formulas (Costa et al., 2018). Mothers' own milk decreases the incidence of complications in premature infants and improves their long-term health (Heller et al., 2021). The project design for this initiative is an evidence-based project (EBP). The EBP used a combined effort from the team to improve the quality of care in the neonatal population, specifically LBW infants. A multidisciplinary team approach was essential for the success of this project.



Mother's milk, Low Birthweight Infants, NICU Patient