The migration of Chinese-Vietnamese from Vietnam : the Truong Family.




Hoover, Daniel J. (Daniel Jeremy)

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Indochinese refugees inundated Southeast Asian nations in 1978 and 1979. The majority of those leaving Vietnam were of Chinese descent. Though labeled refugees, many if not most of those ethnic Chinese who left Vietnam were more immigrants than true refugees. The first chapter examines the history of the ethnic Chinese and their community in Vietnam. The second chapter examines the reasons why so many ethnic Chinese left Vietnam. Chapter three outlines the means of escape and the incorrect labeling of those leaving Vietnam as refugees. The final chapter examines the ethnic Chinese as they are viewed and dealt with by other nations, especially Hong Kong. By following the Truong family story alongside historical events, this thesis hopes to show how the ethnic Chinese leaving Vietnam were not true refugees, but were willing to accept the label.


Includes bibliographical references (p. ).


Vietnamese refugees., Boat people., UNHCR., Hong Kong refugees., Refugees., Sino-Vietnamese refugees.