Intra-aquifer characterization and potential management impacts : Trinity Aquifer, Central Texas.




Diehl, Michelle Lynn.

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Management of groundwater resources is a critical issue in Texas and groundwater conservation districts have been given this responsibility. While large databases containing well characteristics are available for use from state agencies, they have not been organized for spatial correlation and analysis. As a new entity (2007), the Southern Trinity Groundwater Conservation District (STGCD) is faced with developing and analyzing such data. An unusual challenge for the STGCD is managing groundwater production among wells completed either solely in the upper aquifer (Hensell unit), lower aquifer (Hosston unit), or dually completed in both units of the Trinity Aquifer. The goals of this project were to develop a spatially-based well data set that can be used for management decisions. Results include a report to the STGCD with a database, contour maps for different aquifer characteristics, and well hydraulics analysis.



Groundwater, Aquifers, Trinity Aquifer, Central Texas, Southern Trinity Groundwater Conversation District