Compartmentalization in the northern segment of the Brazos River Alluvium aquifer.


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Alluvial aquifers such as the Brazos River Alluvium aquifer in central Texas can contain locally significant amounts of groundwater that may be used for irrigation, domestic supply, or to mitigate stress applied to other groundwater and surface water resources. Alluvial aquifers occur within the alluvial valley of major rivers and are intrinsically connected to the stream. In order to properly manage groundwater uses in the Brazos River Alluvium aquifer, the dynamic relationship between the aquifer and the Brazos River needs to be understood. For the Brazos River Alluvium, the Brazos River is a gaining stream and influences groundwater flow through affecting the elevation of the water table and interacting with lateral and underlying bedrock boundaries. This study utilizes spatial analysis, sediment core, and field observations to characterize how the relationship between the Brazos River and bedrock boundaries of the aquifer may compartmentalize groundwater flow within the Brazos River Alluvium aquifer.



Hydrogeology. Groundwater-surface water interaction.